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Careersted Solutions

Careersted provides wide range of solutions which depend on your current situation, we have created a checklist for each solution so you can decide which one works best for you.

Prajwal, Nottingham

"Careersted truly exceeded my expectations! Their personalised approach to job hunting and career planning was exactly what I needed. I'm now settled in a job that aligns with my passions, and I owe it all to Careersted's expertise and dedication.
Highly recommend their services!"

- Prajwal working as Data Scientist at ARK

Arshia, London

"Careersted goes above and beyond for international students. Their dedication to understanding my career goals and offering targeted job opportunities was remarkable. I'm now working in a field I'm passionate about, all thanks to Careersted's guidance!"

- Arshia working as Junior HR Analyst at CooperVision

Jaideep, Northampton

"Careersted was a game-changer for me! As an international student, I struggled to navigate the job market, but their tailored job opportunities and expert guidance landed me my dream role. Thank you for making my career journey smoother!"

- Jaideep working as Software Specialist Assistant at RSM
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