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Top 10 highest- paying jobs in 2023

The window of opportunity is seized there and then in current times which has overawed the career-oriented individuals. But despite hard endeavours, there is some career perspective which takes a person to a tremendous growth platform through the trends introduced in 2023. To maintain the compatibility and adaptability of their respective field the professionals ought to go for some of the cutting edge technologies.

Here is some in-demand career that attracts employers and is truly considerable for the aspirants too.

1) IT SUPPORT ANALYST (Including 1st Line & 2nd Line)

IT Analyst is one of the simplest ways where you can enter the world of technology as the 1st Line IT role would allow you to understand the fundamentals of IT, give you a better understanding of networks, backups and day-to-day systems that are used in many companies such as Azure Active Directory. 1st Line IT Analyst also includes account onboarding and off-boarding new starters.

The 2nd Line IT Analyst is more advanced including more technical specialities and most organisations would prefer 2nd Line IT Analyst to have extra qualifications such as either Microsoft or AWS certifications which can be found on our websites on the "Certificates" page. It's important to research the company that you are applying to to understand whether they would be using Microsoft suite or AWS suite and based on that you can take your qualifications. This has been a proven fact that organisations are more likely to give importance to the candidates who have extra certifications as compared to the one who doesn't have extra qualification. Therefore, it's important to make yourself in the top 10 applicants by passing certifications.


Project management is the most prevalent demand of organisations nowadays. Currently due to globalisation business personnel foresee higher project managers who are fully equipped with the skills like initiating, planning, designing, executing, monitoring, assessing the occurring risks and finally implementing the very project successfully within the firm.

These basic responsibilities are truly important to cope with the challenges marketers face in expanding their business. Some of the following expertise is required by the professionals which would assist them in achieving their career goals.

Skills required for Project Management:

1) Strategy.

2) Time Management.

3) Leadership Skills.

4) Team Working.

5) Knowledge about work methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall etc.

6) Ability to communicate and negotiate with third parties.

If an individual is in the initial stage of project management or would like to make project management their career then there are some courses that students would find useful:

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification - APM PFQ (Project Fundamentals Qualification) is offered by the Association for project management (APM) are UK-based project management professional body. And it is designed for the candidates to work and, learn and explore the project management environment.

Project management for Beginners: This course is designed to provide foundational knowledge for individuals who want to learn the respective skills for their career up-gradation.


Nursing is no doubt, one of the most noble professions around. They are trained to provide prompt therapy and treatment. This profession is the perfect blend of today’s healthcare industry. The nurse practitioner career is likely to be increased by 40% in the coming years.

Some of the universal and prevailing skills are required for the candidate to be considered as Nurse in the United Kingdom:

• Ability to communicate with patients

• Clinical evaluation and diagnosis

• Ability to educate patients

• Clinical experience of new disease.

• Use of various medical equipment etc.

To become a nurse in the United Kingdom you need to obtain at least five GCSEs and two or more A-levels including English, Mathematics and Science. Then you can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing at the University or a Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing (DipHE). After completing your nursing degree, you should register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and find a nursing job in the UK. Candidates who want to pursue their career in nursing could take assistance from the platform of Health Education One can also track their progress through these accessible sources of information.


This is also one of the prevailing fields in the UK. In this digitally changing world, blockchain is a new technology that is overrated all over the world. Technology offers solutions to many financial services-related problems and security concerns. However, blockchain technology is not limited to business and cryptocurrencies; expanded to other areas. In addition, blockhead–powered industries are welcoming new talent and hiring blockchain developers and engineers. Interested candidates can be the best part of it too because this technology is very popular.

The blockchain industry lacks experts in blockchain engineering. Therefore, investing time and money in learning and discovering new technologies is the best solution. Doing so will boost one’s career and give one’s job security. Skills like Cryptography, Smart contract development, proficiency in programming language and much more.


Digital marketing is no longer a niche industry, it has become an integral part of marketing campaigns across industries to generate leads, drive traffic and generate positive leads. In the USA it is believed that the average age of a Digital marketing manager is about 39 years which is attractive on the part of determined students.

Digital marketing is the use of channels or technologies to sell or promote products or services. Content marketing, email marketing, PPC advertising and Search Engine Optimisation all fall under the umbrella of digital marketing. Establishing a good reputation online is very important because it supports one’s ability to promote their selves in the business world. So, in this case, the importance of digital marketing is reiterated.

To get this Digital Marketing up to a successful level digital marketers must develop a variety of skills like PPC marketing, Graphic designing Web analytics, SEO, data-driven decision making and much more.


Data Science is one of the most rewarding career options in the world. In this technological age, every organisation needs a data scientist to analyse the effectiveness of data from online sources. Data Science is the process of collecting, storing, sorting and analysing data useful for organisations to make informed decisions. It is mostly used by computer professionals.

In today’s technology-driven world, data is like a raw diamond and data science is about exploring the infrastructure that makes data useful for change in this world. Other than this Data Scientists make predictive models and machine learning algorithms and data visualisation techniques, and product development for various projects.

The major Skills required to be a data scientist are

• Data analysis and modelling

• Java / Python coding

• Math and statistics

• Data visualisation and mining.


With the combination of intelligence and creativity, one can identify the security issues occurring within the organisation, can improve protection and increase business awareness. An Information or Network security analyst helps protect important data by advising against cyber-attacks. Cybercrime has increased by 600% after the pandemic and the annual global cost of cybercrime is estimated to be 6 trillion.

Network security is in charge of the installation and maintenance of hardware and software ensuring their security checks, email encryption etc. Again there are several skills required by such a security analyst like having the mindset of an ethical hacker, technical skills, and having the ability to pre-empt security breaches.


In the current era of technology, web development has become a highly sought-after profession. A web developer is a programmer who creates applications for the World Wide Web using a client-server model. The applications are built using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and any general-purpose programming language can be used on the server side.

Client-server communication is facilitated by the HTTP protocol. Web developers can specialise in either client-side applications (front-end development), server-side applications (back-end development), or both (full-stack development). 9 ) FINANCE MANAGER Personal and organisational investment is becoming a significant industry, and financial management positions are becoming increasingly vital. A finance manager is responsible for managing a company’s investment portfolio, making wise investments, and creating wealth for the company. They oversee critical functions such as cash flow monitoring, generating accurate financial data, expense management, and devising profit strategies. Required Skills: 1) High level of numeracy. 2) Organisational skills. 3) Leadership skills. 4) Excellent attention to detail. 5) Willingness to work with others and respect their views 10) HR Advisor Interpersonal skills are the most vital for skills for an HR advisor to possess as you will have to work with a number of people at different levels across the business. Alongside a strong knowledge of HR systems, soft skills such as self-confidence and being persuasive are also important in this people-focused role. HR advisor will be expected to have a minimum of 4 years experience in HR with some form of relevant training, or a degree in human resources or similar. A qualification from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is essential to succeed in your HR career. Required Skills: 1) Organisational and administrative skills. 2) Hands-on experience with IT programmes and HR systems. 3) Ability to advise and work with senior members of staff. 4) Knowledge of employment legislation. 5) Ability to design clear and fair company policies. 6) Practical and logical; able to solve problems quickly


It's extremely important to choose the right path of career based on your interest and experience. However, we are all humans and, understandably, sometimes you would need assistance to guide you and inform you about the available options. This will help you to make a permanent decision and we would also guide you with a plan. The plan is on us but the action would be on you. Plan and action both are important as action without a plan would get you nowhere which is why it's important to set daily objectives and ensure them to complete.

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