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Overcoming Common Graduate Role Search Mistakes

Many graduates face challenges in securing Graduate Roles, and at Careersted, we understand these hurdles well. Let's explore some common reasons applications get rejected and how Careersted can be your guide to overcoming them: 

1. Generic Applications:

  • Mistake: Sending the same CV and Cover Letter to every job.

  • Careersted Solution: Craft tailored, industry-specific applications with our expert CV and Cover Letter reviews. 

2. Lack of LinkedIn Presence:

  • Mistake: Ignoring the power of LinkedIn in today's job market.

  • Careersted Solution: Optimise your LinkedIn profile professionally, expanding your network within your field with personalised guidance. 

3. Undefined Career Path:

  • Mistake: Applying without a clear career plan.

  • Careersted Solution: Receive a personalised career roadmap, mapping out your goals and strategies for success. 

4. Limited Professional Network:

  • Mistake: Networking only when job hunting.

  • Careersted Solution: We guide you in building a strong professional network, making your profile visible to recruiters even when you're not actively job seeking. 

5. Missing Out on LinkedIn Premium:

  • Mistake: Overlooking the benefits of LinkedIn Premium.

  • Careersted Solution: Understand the advantages, and let us help you make the most of LinkedIn Premium, increasing your visibility to recruiters and accessing advanced job search features. 

6. Absence of Interview Preparation:

  • Mistake: Approaching interviews without ample preparation.

  • Careersted Solution: Our mock interview sessions, coupled with detailed feedback, ensure you enter interviews with confidence. 

7. Not Seeking Professional Guidance:

  • Mistake: Navigating the job market without expert advice.

  • Careersted Solution: We're here 24/7 for support, guidance, and to help you plan your career effectively. 

At Careersted, we're not just a career service – we're your partners in success. Invest in your career journey today and let us empower you to overcome challenges, carve a clear career pathway, and land your dream role.

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