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Be a boss of your thoughts, win a war of your mind.

Our mind is the most powerful tool that can proceed for the fruitful creation of good in life and at the same time if not monitored or controlled it can be the most destructive force in life. So, we can easily underestimate the power of our thoughts and also have control over them. We are constantly engaged with our inner conflicts. The internal battle we have or the internal struggle one undergoes every day leads to the war of mind simply. Here in this blog, we’ll see how to critically understand your mind, the frame of mind, and the strategies through which one can win the war of your mind.


Your mind is a very mighty gadget that can improve our lives million times. This is responsible for our thoughts, feelings and actions. The world we perceive depends on the mental state we undergo, the more satisfied we are the more beautiful and appealing the world is to us; the more frustrated or smashed we are the more destructive and negative approach we have towards our life. So, it is important to have a deep analysis of the psychological state of your mind and to understand your thoughts. Here I would feel a theoretical investigation is worth mentioning. Sigmund Freud gave the core idea of psychoanalysis which says that people possess unconscious thoughts feelings, desires and memories which are then able to experience catharsis and gain insight into their current state of mind. Through this process, people are then able to find relief from psychological disturbances and distress.

The thought pattern needs to be identified. One of the gravest impacts of the mind is that of our surroundings, as the environment that encompasses us affects our thoughts and emotions deeply. Examining the people, places and things in custom days could help you better figure out the upshots of the environment on our thoughts and emotions. And this is how you see the world and make decisions; it has been said that “Some People come into your life as a blessing some come into your life as lessons” so such maxims are formulated in the very context. Your belief is how you can see the world and get yourself influenced by it and you can begin to make resolutions that align with your values and goals accordingly.


The mind is as vast and complex as the universe, with which billions of data flow through it like uncountable stars and galaxies in the universe. The modern mind takes different and often contradictory or opposing views on all matters. It is a discussion of conflicting ideas (an argument over which idea to choose) called the battle of ideas. In other words, a war of the mind is the battle or struggle that goes in our mind about the choices we must have in each situation.

Your mindset is an important strategy to consider when trying to win the battle of ideas. It is your mentality, attitude or outlook on life. The way you interpret and react to the events and the attitude you develop towards the course of your actions is what takes you to the door of opportunities and success. A positive attitude can make you feel motivated and invigorated, while a bad one can lead to stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is so important to monitor and analyze your thoughts emotions and attitudes and behaviors and actions.

In short, your emotions have truly the power to shape your behaviour. Positive thinking creates an environment that supports your targets and assists you to focus on what matters most. On the other hand, negative thoughts or inner conflicts make life unprolific and lead to destructive behaviour and make it harder to achieve our set goals.


Dealing with negative emotions can be very frustrating and debilitating. The reason negative emotions seem insurmountable is that most people try to solve problems without figuring out the real cause root. So, once you become aware of your negative thought patterns, it is time to sort out the issue and change it. When identifying the source of these feelings then ask yourself why you have these negative thoughts and what you can do to change them. Once the cause has been identified, an action plan should be established. The plan should include strategies to help you change your thoughts and fight negative thoughts.

Here are some of the combination of strategies, and practical tips to help you control your emotions and win the battle:

Monitor your Emotions – It’s important to be aware of your emotions and identify them.

Challenge your negative thoughts – once the root cause of the negative thought is sorted try to replace it and create positivity out of it.

Express Gratitude – expressing gratitude helps you look at things from the perspective and allows you to focus on the positive things in your life.

Take time for yourself – taking time to rest and relax can help reduce stress and improve mental health.

Set Realistic goals – setting realistic goals keeps you motivated and focused on the task at hand.

Practice Self-Compassion – It’s important to be kind to yourself and know that it’s okay to make mistakes.

Seek help – if you think you need more help, It’s important to seek help from a mental health professional.

So, to conclude winning the war of your mind is not impossible rather requires patience and dedication. It is important to understand that you can have control over your emotions too and you can understand your mind, develop a positive mindset and overcome negative thinking and practice the strategies to win the war of your mind.

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